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  Yantai, located at the east tip of Shandong Peninsular, bordering on the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Bay, lies to Japan and Korea across the sea, with total area 13.7 thousand square kilometers and population of 6.41 million, among which 1.54 million are urban residents. Yantai is a beautiful coastal city with total coastal line 909 km, and its annual average temperature around 12℃. 

  Yantai has abundant natural resources. It is one of the most important fishing bases in China, rich in more than 70 kinds of rare marine products including sea cucumber, prawn, abalone, scallop, etc. Yantai is also the most famous fruit production base in northern China. The Qixia apples, Laiyang pears and large cherries enjoy reputation both at home and abroad. Yantai is the major production place of gold, with the gold reserves ranking first in China and the output occupying more than 1/4 of the total in China. And it also have the minable minerals more than 30 kinds.   
  Yantai has perfect infrastructure. Yantai Port has direct navigation to more than 100 countries and regions. Yantai Airport is the first-class airport in China, which now have international flights to Hongkong, Seoul, Makao and 24 domestic flights to Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Wulumuqi and so on. The Lan-Yan Railway runs directly to Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Jiamusi and so on.
Yantai has accomplished program controlled communications over its urban and suburb areas. In 1994, Yantai was awarded the honor “One of 40 Excellent Cities in Investment Environment in China”. Currently, Yantai has become hotspot attracting foreign investment and trade. In 1998, Yantai successfully hosted the 2nd APEC Medium and Small-Sized Enterprises Technology Exchange and Exhibition. Yantai has become a new uprising Asia-Pacific economic and trading city.
  Being one of 14 first-opening-up coastal cities, Yantai is the most important link in the Huang-Bo Seas economic circle and is the relatively developed area in northern China. Since opening-up to the outside world, Yantai’s economy remains a steady and fast increasing. In 1991, Yantai was appraised among “Top 50 in City Comprehensive Strength In China”. At present, Yantai has formed an industrial system represented by textile, mechanic manufacture, building materials, electronic products, metallurgy and medicine. There are more than 2700 enterprises above township level, which produce more than 2000 kinds of products. Changyu Wine and Tri-Circle locks are traditional products made in Yantai. In recent years, the new-booming industry develops quickly. Nylon, ivory board and electronic screen projects with higher technology level have put into formal production. In 1997, Yantai’s total GDP reached 7250 thousand million RMB.
  Yantai has rich tour resources. Yaitai is beside the sea, leaning against mountains with distinctive natural resources. There are a number of national forest parks and passage bird nature reserves. Yantai has a long history with rich humanity resources, such as Yantai Hill Consulate site which was the earliest opening up port in modern history in China, the fairyland Penglai Pavilion, the fairyland Changdao Island, Stone Tablet Inscriptions of the North Wei Dynasty (386-532) on Mt. Wenfen of Laizou. The beautiful natural and cultural sceneries attract a lot of tourists from home and abroad. In 1998, Yantai became one of “First 54 China Excellent Tourist Cities”
  Meeting the trend of the world economic development in the 21 Century positively, Yantai will further its opening-up to the outside world and speed up economic development, with the aim of becoming a modern, international port city. The development projects of Victorian Bay and Zhifu Island Project will be constructed with foreign investment and will become attracting tourist destinations.




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